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Although Iggy's advice would work, vanity tops often come with a matching backsplash (3-4" high). If this was a display model at the store, they might have left this in their back room or in the display vanity to prevent damage, and they just forgotten to give you it (or possibly the salesperson wasn't aware). Otherwise, PVC trim is definitely the simplest ...


Odds are it's fine, but you have more information to make a proper risk assessment than we do - for example, I wouldn't want to reuse it in my house, around wood or other materials prone to water damage, or if I was running something more valuable or potentially harmful than just water through it; just in case it did decide to fail majorly on me. I probably ...


If not damaged by the storage conditions, old is just fine. Not like the stuff falls apart from old age in normal use, over timescales of decades. Be sure it's clean before primer and glue, but that applies to brand-new pipe as well.

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