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Accidently Glued PVC to threaded PVC and it Leaks

It is usually better to cut out that section and redo with couplings/other fittings as needed. PVC glue is more of a solvent and welds the pieces together. Any patch work fix will most likely be ...
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'DWV' PVC pipes ~ Is it ok to have an open inlet in the basement?

The upper open pipe has something draining into it - if it has water coming in year round, the trap is unlikely to dry out, and there is no need to do anything there. The lower open pipe for a washing ...
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Where is the best place to cut and rebuild my bathroom drain pipe?

With knowing only that you want to cut, then attach something new, your position of cut along the bottom of the elbow is correct. Of course leave as much pipe as possible and you are on track.
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Best method to add a tee to AC drain line

You didn't indicate the size of the drain line. Most are 3/4 inch. Use a saddle that allows a 1/2 inch line. Assuming that, just glue the saddle and drill the hole. Follow that by flushing the line ...
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