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How to mount a Ring flood light cam when you have no junction box and a hole with wires

What you've got right now violates code. There are some light fixtures with an integral box, but the cable here looks like the sheath is cut off way inside the wall. No good. What you should be able ...
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Recessed retrofit light unable to fit into can with shallow depth

That product's documentation says 5 inch depth is required. Buy something else. Whether it uses the same style spring or some other trick doesn't matter, just read the specs carefully. Are these ...
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Troubleshooting GFCI Outlet Tripping

I came across this question when troubleshooting my own intermittent GFCI tripping issue with similar symptoms, and ended up having a novel solution; hopefully this answer saves someone else some ...
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Mould like on one window only

The brick looks dark / wet to me. I suspect the guttering / soffits above are leaking. I'd get up on a ladder and inspect the roof for cracked slates / tiles, and penetrations. You might be able to do ...
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