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Pipe and tube are measured differently. pipe is measured by inside diameter and tubing is measured by outside diameter. Depending on the fitting you may have the wrong one. I had a heck of a time remembering this when I went through my HVAC training as plumbing and electrical are normally pipe and hvac is normally tubing, back then the web was not as helpful ...


OK, If you have to remove the copper piping, start with the trap, the "u" thing, which you need to re install with the new piping. Turn the two brass nuts counterclockwise to remove them from the down pipe and the main drain. The threaded fitting at the wall should be able to be removed by turning it counterclockwise with a 12 or 14" pipe wrench. The ...


If you look at the photos from Amazon it shows a G 1/2 thread on the shower head. Those are straight threads not tapered which would explain the rubber washer. I'm going to guess the shower arm has tapered threads. How does the old head fit, does it gradually get tighter and tighter or does it thread evenly until it compresses a rubber washer.


Your photo is not all that helpful but it appears that you are attempting to screw the new unit into a part off of the old one. You should remove that part that is sticking out from the disk and get to the standard plumbing stub that is coming out of the wall. That is where your new shower head should attach. I have no idea what that circular plate is ...

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