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Water heater working when flushing a toilet

I had a tankless water heater installed in November 2023. When I flush either of my 2 toilets the WH makes a noise. I pulled the cover and discovered it's the purge fan for the combustion chamber that'...
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Can someone tell me what kind of fitting for this toilet water shut off valve is?

Looks like it flares out at the wall escutcheon. Hard to be 100% but I'd bet it is 1/2" female NPT and connected to galvanized iron pipe water supply. Probably something like this You could ...
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How do I install bidet T-valve here?

Yes you buy the 7/8 ballcock extension hose.
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How to secure a toilet flange when the opening is cut too wide?

I'd be fixing the subfloor. Cut out a rectangle lapping to the center of the adjacent joists, then fit two new pieces with a cut across the center of the hole and tie them together with floated ...
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What is the right way to measure a toilet seat for replacement?

Take the existing seat to your local big-box or plumbing store and look for one that matches, as closely as possible, the size and shape. Not everything has to be purchased online - nothing beats ...
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damp line behind toilet

Drill a 4 or 5" hole using a Hole saw ( being care full as you drill) . Either side of top water stain. put your hand in to feel for any water lines / drain lines etc. You may also be able to ...
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How can I prevent suds from spewing out my toilet?

I suspect there's a partial blockage in the lateral, if they only cleaned the stacks, that blockage would have not been addressed, and it may even have developed since then. In any case: Whatever ...
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How can I prevent suds from spewing out my toilet?

I agree that the building operator is to blame, but the quick solution is to plug the toilet. Obviously air is forcing its way through the trap in the toilet exit (together with some foaming agent) ...
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How can I prevent suds from spewing out my toilet?

We had this exact thing happen in our single-family house, in the basement bathroom. Turned out to be roots in the sewer line. So you may have a restriction someplace downstream of that toilet, ...
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How can I prevent suds from spewing out my toilet?

I agree that the building operator is responsible. I'd start there. However, as a fallback plan you could treat your toilet and other vessels with defoaming agent per the product instructions. This ...
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How can I prevent suds from spewing out my toilet?

You'd have to plug up the toilet exit somehow. Plumbers use inflatable "test balls" to plug drains, they are available at many of the larger hardware stores and certainly at plumbing supply ...
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How are these toilet valves attached?

It looks sweated. The compression fittings are more reliable and tolerant of poor prep work, so use a compression fitting to replace it. Cut the old valve off along with any blobs of solder clinging ...
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I'm plumbing up a tiny house and the homeowner bought a gravity flush RV toilet, does it need a ptrap under it?

No, an RV toilet does not use a trap. The valve in the bottom of its bowl serves the same purpose (that of blocking sewer odors from rising up out of the waste plumbing/tank). Note, however, that you ...
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How do I repair the toilet to the floor?

The floor flange could have cracked or broken where one or both of the bolts are anchored. You need to remove the toilet as others have said. Then take a look at what you are working with. If the ...
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