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What kind of screws do I use to secure a toilet flange to the floor in new construction?

Always use stainless steel screws to secure a toilet flange. Anyone who put other type of screws in has no business building toilet flanges in the first place. If the toilet bolts break the flange ...
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intermittent toilet tank overfill

Finally I ordered a whole new float system, but I changed just the shutting part and it resolved the problem. I still don't know what was the exact cause. The tiny hole is similar in the old and new ...
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How to repair a "pull" shut-off valve for the toilet?

So I called a plumber. Apparently it was the right call. Looks like they had to use a hacksaw to saw down the length of the valve to get it off the pipe. Even then, the plumber had to cut off part ...
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How to repair a "pull" shut-off valve for the toilet?

That hose is failing. There is no viable "repair", only replacement. These hoses usually have a suggested replacement schedule and that one looks like it's on borrowed time. Shop for a "...
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3” PVC for toilet too high in joist cavity causing elbow to be above finished floor

You've got three main options: Don't move the toilet, leave it where it was across the room since you have the proper drain slope there. Raise the floor to compensate for the additional height of the ...
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How to repair a "pull" shut-off valve for the toilet?

The valve and hose are cheap junk used by the house builder. Do not attempt to repair it, it's a waste of your time. If you own this, replacing it with something better is a great investment. ...
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