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We did end up renting a walk-behind grinder and it did the job. It was not "easy" but only took a few hours, and the rental cost was reasonable. The ideal grinder we wanted was out of stock but would have had a smaller cutting width. However the one we used despite being larger still didn't take excessively long to do the job. We had a small amount ...


It seems a sump in the lowest corner with an electric pump would keep water at a minimum . Maybe two sumps . Break /cut through the concrete and put in a cement or even a plastic tub to set the pump into.


Building a higher floor inside is not solving the problem of water getting into your shed. Your plan to to level gravel for a cement floor sounds smart and feasible. The gravel under the block would allow water to drain if the existing concrete slab were pitched properly. You did state there was a high point to the floor, but unless that high point is ...


I would start by digging a trench and filling with gravel / small stones to direct the water away as much as possible. Did that at the back of my property - started at 6" deep and went to 12" as it needs a small slope. directed the water into an existing drain and it worked a treat. Only took 2 afternoons of digging and measuring the slope. Edit: ...

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