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Grading between house and patio

Backfill to create your slope, put landscaping fabric down to prevent weeds and cover with your river rock.
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My window wells contain a mixture of rock and dirt. Should I remove it before filling with gravel?

Short answer, yes. Depending on your annual rainfall and the depth of the eaves on your house, you should keep the medium in the window wells below the level of your basement windows and make sure ...
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Is it a bad idea to run a replacement water line under a water drainage pipe?

Besides the two lines going to and from different places, I wouldn't advise it since replacing or repairing one then means you either have to dig up the other or risk damaging it. Pretty sure it's ...
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How can I unclog a continuous drain in a portable air conditioner?

Some repeat vacuuming of both regular and continuous drain openings helped to fix the continuous drain feature. Perhaps, injecting vinegar also contributed. This particular unit also requires a little ...
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Washing machine drain pipe blowbag

it seems like it's built up soap/hair again maybe That's the real issue. Either you are clearing out the pipes well and they clog up quickly or you are never quite clearing them totally. There are ...
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Washing machine drain pipe blowbag

Reduce the flow rate from washing machine Your faucet and hose has a flow rate of 1.5 GPM and the drain has no problem with that. You washing machine pump tries to pump out 20 gallons in less than 5 ...
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