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How can I connect Schedule 40 PVC to Type C pipe?

Cast iron has roughly the same O.D. as your Type C. You could use a shielded "no hub" connector for iron to PVC, such as the Fernco 3000-44. You could also go all bushcraft and stretch your ...
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Do sump pump basins always have a certain level of water in them?

The level of water in a sump pump basin is dependent on the water table of the surrounding terrain. That level will vary with rainfall, conditions of drought, localized flooding, melting snow, etc. ...
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Could a new roof type exacerbate basement floor cracking?

A metal roof shedding snow unlike an alternative roof type could cascade into slab cracking in a basement. Poorly installed gutters is also plausible. Any water source. Expansive soil grows when it ...
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Could a new roof type exacerbate basement floor cracking?

All basement slabs crack. It's just a matter of where and whether adequate control joints were installed to prevent random cracking. You shouldn't really see seasonal movement, though. Yes, additional ...
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