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Is there any way I can repair this PVC/conduit that carries sprinkler system wire from the ground into my garage?

Replacement 3/4 Inch PVC Pipe Repair Coupling for SNAPLOC 6622003
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Exterior surface mount PVC box with 3/4" input coming straight from the wall into the box

There are surface mount boxes with 3/4 inch holes including rear ones. You may be right that there are no PVC ones like that. I couldn't find one in my 15 seconds of online searching. :) Is PVC ...
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Best way of installing outdoor outlet with conduit on outside only

It depends. If I understand correctly, you want to use a conduit body near the back side of the existing interior outlet as a junction box, connecting to an outlet box several feet away. You would ...
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Do I need cement for ENT and if yes, can I use PVC cement?

ENT fittings snap-on While cementing ENT to a standard PVC fitting will work (ENT is made of PVC), dedicated ENT fittings are designed to snap onto ENT instead of being cemented on, so there is no ...
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How to connect ENT to boxes and why is the nut missing?

If your application is into a non-threaded hole then you need to obtain locknuts separately. They don't include locknuts with PVC Terminal (male) Adapters either.
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