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Glacier Bay two handle bathroom faucet still leaks after catridge replacement

Your faucet is worn or corroded inside where the O-ring is supposed to seal the cartridge to the faucet body. You can try to use some fine emery cloth to clean the cartridge receptacle. However you ...
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Glacier Bay two handle bathroom faucet still leaks after catridge replacement

"The hot tap leaks water around the base..." Since it's not from the faucet, and it leaks, "when either tap is turned on," then the leak is inside the faucet, between the point ...
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how to replace flexible coupling when you can't move the pipes?

If you can't move the pipe, you cut the pipe so you can pull a section out, and repair it with 2 new flexible couplings - one for the original spot, and one for the new cut spot. However, if it's ...
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Should the shower valve inside the wall ever get wet?

It's not normal for the shower valve inside the wall to be wet to the touch with slow drops after running the shower. It indicates a potential leak or condensation issue. The plumbers should ...
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Accidently Glued PVC to threaded PVC and it Leaks

It is usually better to cut out that section and redo with couplings/other fittings as needed. PVC glue is more of a solvent and welds the pieces together. Any patch work fix will most likely be ...
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Leak at sink slip joint/drain pipe

My first impression of that photo is a drip leak coming from the faucet, not from the drain pipe. The drain pipe is just in the way of an otherwise simple problem somewhere else.
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Help! I need to fix leaky cracks in basement floor

Nature has an infinite amount of water to flood your basement with. The single best solution to basement flooding is to prevent the water from getting to your walls and floor BEFORE it gets there. ...
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Shower mixing valve leaking

According to the instructions in your link, the mixer has stop valves, so you can turn the water off and service or replace the mixer valve. You can use those instructions in reverse to remove the ...
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How to properly seal the drain in the refrigerator? And how to clean the condenser coil?

It’s not on the parts diagram. Plastic sleeve is removed from the grommet and sleeve assembly after the foam of the liner cures during manufacturing. Some goof left it in at GE. It keeps popping up ...
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