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The fitting your link leads to is likely NOT the fitting you need. Your dryer has a male 3/8" NPT (commonly referred to as 3/8" pipe thread) inlet to which an adapter has been attached. The adapter changes the male 3/8" NPT to 3/8" male flare thread to fit a smaller flex supply tube than the one in your second picture. NOTE- NPT (pipe ...


I had this issue for the last 6 months to a year. I seen others suggest it was an air flow issue. When I opened the oven I immediately noticed that my wife had placed a liner on the bottom of the oven. When I removed the liner I noticed this liner covered the 2 very large vent holes in the bottom of the oven. The smell changed/went away almost immediately.


I feel your pain, I live in Western Washington and have the same issue. One way to protect against gopher damage is a larger pipe. Like 2" conduit or similar. They can't open their mouths enough to gnaw on it. But it's not an "old wives tale". Gophers can do a lot of damage to buried lines. So if I were doing this, I'd at least put in 2&...

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