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How do I transition wiring from an Ecobee to an Amazon thermostat?

Assuming the first picture is of how the old Ecobee thermostat was connected to the wall, the markings in the picture indicate that the Ecobee thermostat was communicating with some kind of 2-wire bus ...
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Fridge thermostat replacement - resealing?

Is the current wiring sealed in some way? If not, you have nothing to worry about, simply pull the wires, connect and go. If so, replicate that sealing method. It's likely that there's a foam or ...
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How can I connect C-wire at 2-wire Boiler side with existing 24v transformer?

The two spare wires can be used as C. You definitely have C, it's one of the terminals on the transformer on the wall. We can't tell which one from the information you've given us. Your Hydrostat ...
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How can I test the thermostat for an immersion heater?

If this unit is like a conventional domestic hot-water cylinder, then its often rigged so either element can run but not both at the same time. The incoming cold water lays at the bottom and the hot ...
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Can I use just split units for winter heating if I have both mini splits and hydronic base board heaters?

Don’t do it! Hydronic heating has a different effect on the space. If your house isn’t fully insulated and sealed it will be a drafty nightmare if you go full air-to-air heating. I ripped out my ...
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Connecting Nest thermostat to this power adapter

The lower right (grounded) terminal is the C connection on the 24V side.
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How can I test the thermostat for an immersion heater?

Your understanding is fairly accurate where as zero ohms would indicate a short but low ohms would indicate a load, not a short. After turning the power off,you could test the thermostat by removing ...
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How can I test the thermostat for an immersion heater?

Simply measure the heater resistance, *with all power off. You can figure out what it should be from Ohm's law, but I'd guess it'd be in the range of ~10 to 20 Ω. As an example 4 kW heater, at 220 VAC,...
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4-wire to 5-wire thermostat conversion

My first choice would be to use an "add-a-wire," "common maker," "wire saver," type accessory. These devices play electrical tricks to gain the functionality of having ...
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