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CSST is safe to run from your main to very gas appliance you have. I have seen and helped install this in new home builds, and redone gas lines. Now the connectors I've installed or only to be used at a maximum (in my area) of only 6ft. I'm in no way saying its safe to do either yourself unless you've had experience with gas piping.


Turns out to be a bad gas control valve. Its sporadic behavior was a sign that it's failing. After testing the thermostat, igniter, and flame sensor, the only odd behavior was the occasional loss of flame triggering ignition lockout. As for the blown fuse, it's possibly a bad solenoid or related component on the valve drawing too much current. Gas doesn't ...


It's entirely normal. There is always a bit of moisture in natural gas and there can also be small amounts of other impurities including oxygen. This is enough to cause small amounts of rust in black iron pipes. Obviously there is little danger of it rusting through any time soon since, as you've noted, it's been there perhaps 60-70 years and will likely ...


Yes, if you take 2 PSI service, you'll need one or more regulators so that the appliances receive 4 ounce pressure. Inquire with the utility about the monthly service cost -- my utility charges a base connection fee and the fee is $10 higher for 2 PSI service every month. I don't know whether this is common with other gas companies. Some factors to consider: ...

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