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The simplest solution is to return it to Home Depot where you bought it. Having your receipt will help but they can also find it on your credit card. In my experience they will take it back within 30 days if it is defective. You may have to accept a store credit but you can use it to purchase another hot water heater. Not having the original carton may make ...


Hopefully you paid with a credit card and didn't pay the bill yet. Deduct the water heater from your credit card payment. Inform the credit card company why. They should back you up. The lemon laws apply to large appliances (in many states). The company has three chances to resolve the problem. If they can't, they have to make good on restitution. They ...


In your application you will be dealing with a high peak demand. There's a higher chance that the showers will be used at the same time or within a narrow window of each other. So you will want to have either a larger hot water storage capacity or have a on-demand gas water heater that can handle the peak flow. This can be achieved many different ways but ...


You will not get nearly the flow rate needed at temp from an on-demand tankless WH in your situation. I'd suggest replacing the existing WH with at least an 80 gallon WH if not 120 gal. That way you have a lot of stored hot water, ready to be used by your guests. I know tank type WH's aren't currently in vogue, but they are practical.


If the water heater is simply off water can still flow through -- no need for a bypass. The bypass can come in handy for a situation where the heater has a leaky failure: pressure relief valve or drain valve or tank liner leaks, or the entire heater is to be disconnected for an extended period. In those situations you need not only a bypass but also a ...


If the water tank has three legs, one on each brick, go for it. If that's particle board on the bottom, I'd replace it with plywood. You might want to seal the base with a water sealer.

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