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Did you change out the boiler yourself or have it done by a contractor? It sound like you/they hooked up the thermostats in series instead of in parallel for the boiler "on". If you did it, go back and correct it ..... if they did it, get them back and tell them the problem. Good luck


I have a 3-ton heat pump and it keeps tripping the outside “disconnect” (that electrical connection outside near the unit) too. It looks like it’s not tripped, but when I flip it off and then back on, the unit then comes on. Some disconnects have a “breaker” that you remove from the base unit mounted on the wall. If yours is like that, just pull it out ...


Its a strong possibility your capacitor failed. verify you have power leaving the contactor once the thermostat has call the unit. You will need a voltage meter. If you have voltage ,test the wires on capacitors for power. if you have power. Turn off circuit breaker and replace capacitor. Goodman are known to blow capacitor which is a cheap fix. inspect ...


If you have the info as to what each one of these circuits has on them, that would help. Gosh, it's been a while since I've seen a "10 amp" circuit breaker. They are special order, not off the shelf items where I am located. I installed one once, per request of a building inspector where there was a natural gas type instant hot water heater that required ...

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