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I can think of two sources for this water: (1) condensate water overflowing from the a/c evaporator coil collection tray (2) water condensing on the cold low pressure (suction) refrigerant line and flowing down. I think (1) is more likely.


You need to add a relay to the system to independently operate the fan separate from the heat. The simplest way is to buy a new high voltage 120VAC (20-30 Amp?) heavy duty relay/contactor that switches with a 24VAC control voltage and connect both relays to the high voltage circulation fan. If either relay is on the fan gets power. The existing fan relay ...


Connect your blue C wire from the thermostat to where the white wire from the A/C joins in with the dark wire from the furnace There's a simple logic you can follow here, since you have an air conditioner. In just about all cases, the air conditioner's control wires must be connected to the Y and C wires in order for your air conditioner to work. As a ...


Based off the first picture, it looks like the blue wire fell out from the wirenut next to it with the black and white wires going into it. That should be the common side of the 24 volt transformer used for the AC, which is what you probably want to be using for C. Test to see if that all makes sense first rather than just connecting it. I'd rather not ...


Is there a splice in your T'stat wiring? Your color scheme is not matching up. Also you've landed a wire in your t'stat on your "Y" terminal but it is not landed on your power source and the "C" is landed on you power source and is not mounted on you T'stat. I would suggest you run a completely new thermostat wire and reconnect matching color and code.


Connect one to Y and the other to C -- it actually doesn't matter which one is which On an ordinary air conditioner like yours, the Y and C wires going off to the outdoor unit connect directly to the coil of the compressor contactor (basically, a big switch that is turned on and off by an electromagnet). Since they carry 24VAC to the coil to turn it on ...

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