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The 4-wire connection includes hot, hot, neutral, ground. The 3-wire connection includes hot, hot, neutral, but no ground. The basic premise is that older houses only had the 3-wire receptacles and since ground is essentially the same as neutral, and dryers are rarely moved/replaced, let the 3-wire connections continue to be used. However, when something ...


Why take a chance. Be safe for the long run. Dryer relief bracket costs $5-$10 and takes under 10 minutes to install. Like others said clean out the dryer vent regularly or at least occassionally.


It is a sound absorber for the air inlet. It muffles the sound of the air being sucked into the dryer. Check the vent hood, where your dryer vents to the outside, for lint buildup. If everything is clear and your thermal protection till goes out frequently, you ought to have it checked out. It appears that the sound absorbers are deteriorated or at least ...


Lint , felt and strings from “dingle balls, on our bed topper is what I see. I have cleaned my dryer vents for close to 35 years after repairing not 1 but 3 homes that we repaired from dryer vent fires. Since then every year I do this but About 2008 my wife washed and dried a king size topper that had lots of dingle balls, caused problems with the front ...


Most dryers have a drive belt that runs from the drum to the motor to a tension pulley. It your belt is worn, at start up, the motor would spin and then grab the belt and spin the drum. Check the belt. you can usually access it by removing the back panel of the dryer. Good luck.

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