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The leading cause of a dryer not heating is a thermal safety on the power to the heating element. These are usually attached to the heater or duct and usually easy to get to a plugged or limited air flow is the reason they usually open.


This should actually dry out in a few hours, maybe a day or two. It's just condensation and it should clear up. If it was an older machine, I'd say to unscrew the front cover and go in with a Q-tip and wipe it down but since it's a new machine and under warranty, you don't want to be taking anything apart unless you're really careful.


The capillary is the small regulating tube if you cut it with side cutters it may partially seal keep this side of the system on the high side so you don’t loose all the oil. If the cap tube is on the low side it will spray oil at what ever pressure It is charged to. If it partially is sealed and a slow release this helps prevent the loss of the oil that a ...


First, you need to change that to a 4-prong socket (NEMA 14-30) and cord (and I bet the dryer came with a 4-prong cord). The 3-prong type is obsolete and dangerous. If the neutral wire loses contact, it will energize the chassis of the dryer - and I bet the washing machine is grounded, isn't it? :) It's a matter of time before you touch the equipment in ...

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