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240V Four Prong Outlet - Inconsistent Behavior

Pull and replace the breaker, they're cheap. Use the proper breaker for your panel, the types are not interchangeable, e.g. a BR, THQL or QP does not belong in a HOM panel. I'm not at all happy with ...
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240V Four Prong Outlet - Inconsistent Behavior

As I read your description, and this may just be an omission, I don't see you checking the torque on the receptacle wire connecting screws; I also don't see mention of using a torque driver on the ...
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What is this discoloration in my clothes dryer drum?

Your heating element would be behind that grill so that discoloration could very well be from a loose connection that's overheating or an element mounting bracket loose and allowing the element to get ...
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How to replace a stacked dryer without seemingly any moving space?

There are some good ideas in the other answers, which might also work. With the help of my inlaws, we ended up sliding/pulling out both the washer and drier together. We also used WD-40 to help. I was ...
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I need help identifying this screw

That's a Torx head, you'll need a Torx screwdriver or drill bit for that. Hard to tell what size from your photo, maybe T25 or T30 at a guess. Easy to find at your local hardware store. Sometimes you ...
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