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I would assume that water is pooling on the roof during a rain. The symptoms you describe could happen due to the following reasons: Your rain gutters might be blocked. Flat roofs have gutters / holes in the side walls / pipework etc. which drains rain water - spilling it on the ground or taking it into the sewage. Make sure that your gutters are not ...


Apparently this is a flat roof, maybe a terrace roof. Since the roof is flat, there is no slope to let gravity get rid of the water for you. So it really needs to be done properly, with an EPDM membrane or something of the sort. If this is not done properly it will leak. From the pics this one is leaking everywhere along the edge. If the membrane (or ...


Ouch! This is really, really incompetent work...this house is likely to develop serious mold problems in the future. I would look for another builder.

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