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I don’t have any pictures but all of my house is steel and cement new house built on water in ma about 21,000 gsf 14,000 living 7,000 per level the basement is 10ft High with the foundation on re enforced cinder block. Basement has larger steel I beams supporting lighter steel framing. The first floor, floor is 6 inch steel decking with 2inch of concrete ...


I like wood, (glue laminated beams), except the use calls for some good reverberations. Wood absorbs sounds rather than reflects them....unless you covered the interior with plaster. A metal roof would not be appropriate, because it would need insulation on the interior to protect it from condensation...which would defeat the acoustics you’re probably ...


Looks rather reinforced concrete or ferrocement oriented, plus steel and glass. Naturally you'll need engineering, real life being somewhat different than modeling.


The only thing that comes to mind (and it's not related to wooden house construction at all) when thinking of pipes and the word locus is that in German, "Lokus" is a term used for a toilet (perhaps it's a little nicer to say than toilet). That would fit your description of "locus pipes" - the waste pipes (and maybe supply) for the toilets. Source: I'm a ...


It looks like a fan-forced portable furnace, to blow warmed air into the cold building that is being built.

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