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We did the same: scraped off or filled as needed to level about 5in below desired grade, and fill with 4..5in top soil in garden areas. Paths and patios are clay/fill at 1..2in below grade, covered with landscape fabric and gravel. If it's a large yard you can raise the grade by the amount of top soil, prevent soil & gravel spill with edging, and make ...


I think the purpose is to make money for a vendor. I have layed two patios, one in northern IL ( freezing) and one in east TX ( no freezing but average 50" annual rain). I layed them both on the native soil which were both very sandy. No problems, I admit the sandy soil may have been a help.


It mainly serves two functions: The density of the in-situ soil usually is uneven (due to voids) throughout the site, and difficult, if not impossible, to compact to the desired strength (eliminate/minimize the void spaces) to avoid uneven settlement that would lead to structural cracks. A 6" course of gravel fill solves that problem, as it is more ...

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