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In case someone finds this question later, MiTek (who makes USP hangers and ties, similar to Simpson), has a technical bulletin illustrating the screw placement and minimum clearances for different 2x dimensions when attaching a ledger board to studs, with or without gypsum board:


To make good looking angles between your tiles you can use a profile like this: I don't know exactly how it is called in English, but the picture should be self-explanatory. It is an extruded plastic or aluminium profile (examples). The visible part makes a nice angle, and it has a part that sticks out under the tile and is held in place by thinset. If you'...


Take a piece of corner tile and seal it to the top of your ledge so it overhangs your removable cement board. See picture below. They come in all sorts of lengths. Tile your removable cement board and fit it up under the corner overhang. Think about taking a 2" strip of cement board and screwing it to the framing in contact with the floor and wall so you ...

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