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Fascia, drip edge, starter shingle, code, in Texas

Starr Roofing and Gutter owner told me if he reshingled my roof in San Antonio jurisdiction that he had to install drip edge, then during the process he pops in and announces he is not installing drip ...
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Installing Flashing on Roof

Adding or replacing the "step shingles" (the flashings you refer to) might help but without taking off some roof shingles it is not at all a guaranteed fix. Those step shingle flashings are ...
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Fixing garage roof by adding 2X4 rafters to existing rafters

I don't know exactly what these brackets would look like but one of the biggest lines of brackets comes from Simpson Strong-Tie and you might find some ideas by looking through their offerings. For ...
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Do we need to replace whole roof because of damage from a leak and possibly termites?

This is where the leak showed up,that does indicate that is where the roof leak is. Water travels and will usually drip a undetermined distance from the actual leak. Your best long term solution is to ...
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Securing a twisted beam

Thanks for clarifying that we are looking at two separate beams landing on the twisting underpurlin. I find the very small/short bearing of the lower/right beam on the twisting underpurlin concerning. ...
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Proper sealing for brownstone roof dividing wall

My roof is extremely similar to the last picture. So similar, in fact, that I suspect I know where you live. The way these roofs work is that that the roofing membrane forms a U shaped bathtub that ...
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