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What is this material between the floor and the foundation of my garage?

It is closed cell Expansion material. It was installed to give the two opposing slabs room to expand, while still keeping water out.
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Garage dry wall to floor question

My solution for my basement was to stop the drywall about 2" above floor level, to avoid wicking up any moisture on the floor, and cover the remaining gap with baseboards made out of 1x4 pressure ...
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How can I route groundwater coming through a slab to the sump pail?

As commented by @Isherwood, a saw groove cut into the surface will channel water from elsewhere on the surface to a sump, easily. Simply sawing from one to the other will probably work. Making sure it ...
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Cooling the garage in the summer: what do you think of my air conditioning plan?

There are several factors. Will you want heat? How much will be using the place/running the A/C or heat? How much suffering do you wish on the person who pays the electric bill? Do you want ...
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Cooling the garage in the summer: what do you think of my air conditioning plan?

It isn't clear if 12,000 Btu is enough to cool your garage. Many garages are un-insulated, and different places have different requirements. The big uninsulated door is typically a problem, but ...
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Using a section of copper pipe as a stop gap for ground

No. This is a code violation. And you know it is a sketchy idea, which is why you are asking. "There is no chance any section of the pipe will ever be replaced with plastic." You don't ...
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Adding joists to second floor above garage

If the room was designed, built and approved as a habitable room as part of a 2015 new construction in a place where there exists a building department and inspections, a squat rack will be fine in it....
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