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How do I remove the fitting for this drain so that I can fit a base cabinet over top?

The house might be 100 Yr old but the pipe installation was made from copper using soldering. It does not look like cast iron pipe, more like heavily oxidized copper. Regular copper soldering tools ...
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how do I fix overflow on tub?

That overflow is obviously missing a cover, but they're not normally like that to begin with: I think someone lost the part and DIY some pipe in there.
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Feed the drain pan drain hose through the indirect drain pipe, so that the washer drain pan can slide with the washer & dryer stack

Sliding the pan on the floor with a washer and dryer stacked on it will be heavy and may scratch up the floor. I have put a bath towel under heavy items getting slid on a floor to protect the floor. ...
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Adjusting plumbing to double sink

Options 1 and 2 make no difference to the venting problem. Option 2 is likely easier. With that setup, you probably need a separate vent pipe coming out to the cross-pipe. That would be a dry vent ...
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Can I replace this trip lever/drain stopper combo by myself?

You should be able to remove those components yourself. I do not recommend trying to replace them; I would rather advise a blank overflow plate to replace the trip lever, and an alternative stopper ...
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How do I remove the fitting for this drain so that I can fit a base cabinet over top?

Taking the copper apart is unnecessary extra work. Unless you want to practice your sweating technique, just cut the vertical pipe high enough to have at least a couple of inches sticking up through ...
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