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How to elongate IKEA sink downspout to reach P trap U pipe?

Look for a "Slip-Joint Extension Tube" at your local hardware store. This is a very common part. The standard sizes are 1.25" and 1.5". Get one of each if unsure.
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How can I remove this shower faucet cartridge?

The grey tab on top, and probably one on the bottom, open to disassemble the cartridge. To remove the entire cartridge, since you've removed the large nut, just grab the entire grey base, twist back ...
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How do I diagnose an occasionally leaking dishwasher?

Check the door with a level. It has to be plumb (vertical) and level (horizontal). Somehow my wife pushes the bottom of the dishwasher back into the cabinet. And since the top is fixed in place by ...
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Why would a toilet tank keep refilling even after replacing the flap?

You could have installed a defective flap. The area of the toilet that makes contact with the flapper could be damaged, eroded, or have something there (calcification, etc.) that is keeping it from ...
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Replacing copper water line to refrigerator water/ice

What can i replace the copper tubing with? More copper tubing, plastic tubing, braided flex, or eliminate it altogether. Most times that you see copper tubing coiled up behind a refrigerator is to ...
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Vent exhaust leaking even after tarring the flange of the vent cap on the roof

A local roofer came by and said the vent caps were installed incorrectly. He said the bottom plate (the wide one) is supposed to be UNDER the roof, not over it. He recommended replacing the caps ...
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Sprinkler piping leaking

It looks like you have copper pipe with a sweated (soldered) union fitting. From your text it sounds like the leak is in the nut area of the union? Unions usually seal with direct metal-on-metal ...
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