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Whirlpool refrigerator over fills ice tray (leaks) and over meters measured water

Found the problem!!! The Whirlpool GI7FVCXWY02 has 3 water solenoids/valves !!! Two at the top of the refrigerator to direct water to ether the ice maker or the front door water dispenser. And a ...
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How to properly test washer/dryer supply hoses for leaks?

If the hoses don't leak when they are under pressure...they don't leak under pressure. The steam function of my dryer only uses water supplied by the user in a tray. It has no source of water from the ...
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Leak in sump pump line

You need a new flexible pipe coupling of the same size. Just loosen the two screws, lift the pipe up a bit, and replace with the new one.
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