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Double vanity, one sink drains slowly

Both sinks are piped in a manner that would not pass a plumbing code. The vent connection on the left sink must be above, not below the tee for the fixture drain. The sink on the right must be vented, ...
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Is a Pair of 22⁰ PVC Fittings Appropriate for Sump Drain?

The Fernco-style (rubber) coupling allows opening it up there for cleanout purposes, which a pair of glued elbows won't. That might be a factor in why that was used. In general neither type should be ...
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New shower gurgles, is this normal or cause to bring the installer/plumber back?

Your video shows a normal shower drain. You are noticing a difference because the tub drain collected the water and ran it horizontally before dropping into the P-trap.
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How to seal shower pan / gasket / cast iron pipe

As we can see in your photo, your drain is an E.L Mustee 42.317. It uses flat washers and a nut to seal itself above and below the shower floor, but the seal to the drain pipe is formed by a rubber ...
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