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How to fix steam-damage on cabinet

It's not going to be easy, maybe impossible. Those are Thermofoil doors, a vinyl material molded to the shape of the door and then glued on to particle board. The steam over heated and shrunk the ...
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Hot Ground Reversed when Upstream GFCI Trips

Ultimately this came down to a Bad GFCI outlet. When I nicked the neutral screwing in the outlet it tripped the GFCI and ultimately damaged the GFCI outlet. The GFCI outlet worked when it was not ...
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Face frame made of plywood or mdf

This sounds like a good idea to me (27-years cabinetmaker here). Frameless concealed hinges with screw-in plates, like these: picture source, not an endorsement as such, but my boss used them and ...
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Cover old exhaust fan vent from outside home

There are a few things that can be done. 1- You can remove the termination plate. Fill the resulting void with wood or metal and stucco over. Paint to match and it is practically unnoticeable. 2- You ...
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Dip in floor when installing new hardwood

You'll probably want to put leveling compound on the floor to make it all flat. If you don't, those locations where you tried to nail it to the floor where the gap is will cause endless squeaking of ...
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