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How can I tap a M5 hole in hardened steel bearing?

How can I tap a hole in hardened steel? I am trying to make an extended support for my tiny Sherline lathe, to turn items longer than the bed. Essentially it’s a steady-rest that bolts beyond the end ...
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Why does this bearing with an oiler not spin?

I am building a French-cleat mounted grinding system (see video below) from a motor for the purpose of sharpening and honing woodworking chisels and what seems to be a couple of "pillow blocks&...
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Identify Ball Bearing for Replacement

I am needing to replace a broken ball-bearing for the Robot-Coupe CL50 D Ultra. Unfortunately, the company has been unable to send me the correct manual. Perhaps they do not have it, because there is ...
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360 rotating device

I’m trying to recreate the following device that rotates the arm with the camera. What bugs me it’s how to find the best solution for the insides under the man’s feet. I’ve come up with this idea, ...
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Identifying replacement bearings for installed heater fan motor

TLDR: Trying to identify the right kind of replacement ball bearing. Usually they have a standard code # which can be supplied by different manufacturers. But the ones I need don't seem to fit that ...
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How does a ball bearing door hinge work?

I've been unable to find a clear explanation of the design principle behind a ball bearing door hinge. In the image below, the casing for a ball bearing assembly is highlighted. One description ...
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HVAC indoor fan stuck buzzing

My old Sanyo SAP-KRV123EHA had a noisy ball bearing in the indoor fan unit. Since Sanyo is no longer making these units I tried replacing the fan bearing with ceramic ones. After assembling the motor, ...
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worn seal between agitator spindle and drive shaft on a GE washer

10 year old washer is operating fine except for the main tub seal which is known to be leaking. Upon disassembly, the seal/bushing around the agitator shaft appears badly worn too. Not sure if it ...
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double ball bearing vs single ball bearing ceiling fan

I ordered two Havells fans from online. I received two types with almost the same features except the following one, which is: Double ball bearing ceiling fan Single ball bearing calling fan I am ...
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How should I secure the inner ring of bearing race to a wooden frame?

I have a fairly small ball bearing and am wanting to secure the inner ring to a wooden frame. The inner ring has a diameter of 5mm, although I'm unsure the best way to secure this. I could glue a ...
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