10 year old washer is operating fine except for the main tub seal which is known to be leaking.

Upon disassembly, the seal/bushing around the agitator shaft appears badly worn too. Not sure if it is leaking as well. Is the seal designed to keep the agitator shaft centered in the squarish drive tube, or for keeping out water, or both? Does it matter if wash water gets past that seal?

The transmission is WH38X10002. Can't find any part number for the agitator shaft seal. I suppose I could fit a sealed ball bearing bushing in its place.

I'm wondering if the bushing screws into the inside of the squarish drive tube. Maybe the pairs of divots are for a special spanner.

Any advice?



Some drive out from the bottom, once you remove the transmission, others you need a spanner wrench to remove. Look on searspartsdirect for a picture diagram using your washer model number. That should so you what the part number is and then you can check their price, and other places as well.

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