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Questions about how to sharpen blades or tools. Use with the [tools] tag if there is not a more specific tool tag.

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Why does this bearing with an oiler not spin?

I am building a French-cleat mounted grinding system (see video below) from a motor for the purpose of sharpening and honing woodworking chisels and what seems to be a couple of "pillow blocks&...
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How can I sharpen oscillating tool blades?

Is there any good method of sharpening these things?
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Sharpening hedge trimmer blades

What is the best type of rotary tool bits for sharpening hedge trimmer blades. The stone grinding bits don't seem durable enough.
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Dressing stone vs Abrasive File

What is the difference between a dressing stone and an abrasive file? For example, items 61463610555 and 61463686100:
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Sharpening blade, move away from self or pull towards me?

Most instruction books I get included with sharpening stones say to push the blade away from myself as though I was trying to slice off a thin layer of the stone. In other words, the instruction books ...
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Identifying and sharpening carbide tipped planer blade

Below are photos of an electric (hand) planer blade that came with a used Makita power planer, model 1900B. I believe the blades are carbide tipped, but am not certain. I could not search the model ...
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How do I sharpen my circle cutter

I have a circle cutter that I inherited from my father. The directions are long gone. It's bogging down and I'm sure sharpening it would help but it's kind of unclear which is the cutting edge. ...
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Should a chainsaw go dull so quickly?

I recently moved to a new home which had a lot of felled trees which needed to be bucked up into logs. I bought a 14" Husqvarna 967158004 to accomplish this. The shop I bought it from gave me a ...
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Should I sharpen or replace my table saw blade? [closed]

I got my table saw second hand several years ago. It came with a general purpose blade which has served me well without cleaning or sharpening until recently. I made what I now realize is a mistake ...
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Honing Fluid/Knife Sharpening Oil

I am looking to sharpen a knife, and i seem to be out of oil... Is there a quick hack or home substitute i could use for this? I have 3-in-1 oil (white bottle) but aside from that (in terms of tool ...
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How do I sharpen wood lathe tools?

I've had a lathe for about a year now (I have the JET 1442 with variable speed) and love it but noticed that I really suck at keeping a nice sharp edge on my tools. I have a small bench grinder I use ...
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Can I use a rotary tool to sharpen knives and other blades?

Anybody used Dremel effectively to sharpen knives and things like chisels and scrapers? What kind of bits are good for that application? Also, what do you call an electromotor that is clamped to a ...
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What's a good way to sharpen a carpenter's pencil, without buying a special sharpener?

I have a carpenter's pencil that's getting pretty blunt and I've realised I don't know how to sharpen it. How can I sharpen it without buying a special dedicated tool for it?
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How do you sharpen a knife?

Just got done sharpening a few knives, and thought it could be useful to post a question about it here. So lets say I have one of these guys. With a coarse stone, a medium stone, and a fine ...
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How realistic is DIY sharpening of scissors on a stone?

I have scissors with moderately dull blades and a middle grain (looks like 120) sharpening stone. Is it realistic to sharpen scissors on a stone or do I just get over the idea? How is sharpening ...
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