I recently bought a Chinese remote control switch using radio frequency, it's great but has a problem (note I am a newbie), I have a light switch receiving a hot wire only and giving it to the light bulb, the remote control switch has a live and neutral wiring and whenever I try connecting only live wires the remote won't work, what makes it a problem is that I believe the neutral wires are joined inside the wall or hidden in some way. So my question is Can I wire the remote control switch without the neutral wires, note that I tried joining the neutral wires together of course it did not work so the circuit is opened.

link to the remote control switch


Thanks in advance.


Some electronic switches power themselves by running a trickle current through the light, but that doesn't work well with modern efficient bulbs.

Others, such as the one you got, require a neutral connection -- which is standard in new construction but isn't present in many older houses.

Sorry, but unless you run a neutral to that box you can't use this switch there.

  • Hi it's been a long time but I actually wired it to the lamp itself instead of the power outlet – shahawi273 Aug 22 '17 at 0:37

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