Can anyone help me figure out what these end caps are called? The panel sticks out past the cabinet by about a 1/4" so these end caps are hollow and fit over the excess panel.

What are these called and where can I buy new ones?

enter image description here

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If I was on a job and somebody was asking for that, they'd call it the little stile on the kick. I've never heard it given a real name.

I doubt you can buy one off the shelf. You can find a cabinetmaker or woodworker that'll make you one, though. Look for a smaller shop and bring cookies as well as money. If you have the old one, bring it with you.


I'd try to repair that one.

  1. Gently pop it off from the top with a putty knife.
  2. Pull the nails from the back side with a locking plier or channel-lock.
  3. Clamp the block across the middle to prevent it from cracking completely apart. A C-clamp or small bar clamp will do. Protect the wood with cardboard.
  4. From the wall side, about 2" up, drill a pilot hole for a 1-1/4" drywall screw, the same size or a hair smaller than the screw shaft. Mark your bit with tape to avoid running too far.
  5. Countersink for the screw head. A 3/8" bit can work if you don't have a countersink bit. Make sure it's not a pilot-point bit that will grab the wood aggressively and wreck things.
  6. Remove the clamp and very gently spread the crack and squeeze it full of wood glue. Reinstall the clamp and wipe away all excess glue with a damp cloth.
  7. Run your drywall screw in gently but snugly and let the assembly dry for a couple hours.
  8. Sand, stain, varnish.
  9. Reinstall with project adhesive, silicone caulk, or another robust product. If you want to nail it, pre-drill the size of the nail shaft.

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