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Replaced 2 hallway light fixtures but now the light bulbs stay on dimly, even with its off [duplicate]

So I had two very old light fixtures in my hallway with 2 switches at each end, and either switch would turn on or off both fixtures. Just replaced the light fixtures and put in LED lights, hooked up ...
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Transporting a large load on vehicle roof bars [closed]

What is the best way to attach a bed (160cm-by-200cm = 64"-by-80") to the roof bars? The car is Citroën C4 Picasso, with the bars as shown in the image below. I need to transport it only for ...
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Wiring LED Halo Cup Lights To Existing Fixture

I took down a fluorescent Light fixture. To start the chain and install LED CUP Halo lights but there are 7 Wires total in the box and two sets of wires. 3 White wires in a bundle 3 Black wires in a ...
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Changing light fixture inside hollow concrete wall

So I decided to finally change my old ugly outside light fixture. Ran into a big problem. Everything inside was rusted through. The screws holding the light fixture metal bracket broke. I decided to ...
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What is this type of hook bolt called?

This fixture is attaching fibre cement panels to 30 mm steel angle purlins. I need some new ones or equivalent fixtures, but terms like "square hook bolt" are not returning anything useful. ...
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Garage fluorescent converted to LED suddenly "OFF" is on and on is "OFF"

I switched a 2 lamp fluorescent fixture in my garage to LED early this year with no issues. It worked flawlessly for the past 10 months. Then, just today, when I switched the light "ON", ...
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how to replace the MR-16 bulb from this lamp fixture?

I am wondering how to open this lighting fixture to be able to replace the MR-16 bulb. The fixture seems smooth with no openings or bolts. It is a bi-pin halogen MR16 bulb. The is a indented ring in ...
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Recommendations on how to fix a sunshade on an outside wall without drilling

I am looking for a good way to fix something light like a sunshade on the wall above my balcony without drilling into the wall (not allowed). I was thinking about clamping something in between the ...
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At what height should I install my (coat) rack? [closed]

I'm planning to install a coat rack on the right side of my bedroom closet, at the place marked with *: +----------------+ | | | | | | | | | ...
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