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What is the purpose of these small unaligned studs for building a precut chest of drawers?

I was working on building this drawer by FOTOSOK I had ordered from amazon. and in the instruction booklet on page 11 step 12 there is a mysterious step which I don't understand the purpose of. I have ...
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Knob removal on dresser

I have a dresser that I am trying to swap the knobs on. It's a 5 piece drawer, and I can get the screw out of the knob, but the knob doesn't come off. I can (hopefully) gorilla it off, but I want to ...
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Desk door with strange holder in door

I just bought a desk from a second hand store. The inside of one door has these strange holders inside. The bottom one is missing the black cover. Any idea what this holder is for?
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How to fix misaligned floating desk frame?

I am a new "DIY-er" and have recently taken upon myself the project of building a floating desk with the intent of expanding it later on (i.e., adding shelves, mounting monitor racks, etc.) ...
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Chair Caster size no longer available

I have some older high end kitchen chairs that use threaded plastic casters that are failing. They are 3/16 18. This is a non-standard size for a threaded caster I guess since I cannot find any ...
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What kind of screws are these?

The other eight have been inserted with no problem. I think the female part wasn't cut properly. But if I can identify the screws maybe I can determine what to do next.
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Improvement for a wood desk

Hello I want to attach this metal mesh grid panel to a wood desk which has a shelf on top, I plan to hang things like keychains and cables on it. The mesh did not come with anything used to attach it ...
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What is name of these furniture wheels?

Here is the picture. There are multiple wheels in one place. I need something that has three wheels to spread the weight so there is less pressure on the ground. What is name of this type of ...
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What is the name of this type of shelf support?

I've tried to use Google Lens but no luck. Trying to make some custom furniture with a pipe frame and these seem perfect for insetting a shelf.
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Painting a white Ikea desk to an oak colour? [closed]

I’ve had a white desk for a year but it doesn’t match the oak furniture in my room, I want to paint it but I am unsure about the correct steps as I have come across conflicting advice? thanks
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Choosing materials for an outdoor storage box

I'm planning to build an L-shaped storage box to keep outside, and I'm interested in your thoughts on suitable materials. It'd look like two steps of a staircase, with the top of each step liftable ...
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Transporting a large load on vehicle roof bars [closed]

What is the best way to attach a bed (160cm-by-200cm = 64"-by-80") to the roof bars? The car is Citroën C4 Picasso, with the bars as shown in the image below. I need to transport it only for ...
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I don't get how these connectors for furniture are supposed to hold together?

How is there a strong connection formed here? It is clear to me how you install it, but how does the bigger piece form a connection with the screw-like one? You just rotate it, would it not simply ...
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DIY Floating (Bunk) Bed Structural Considerations [closed]

I am planning to build floating (bunk) beds in our old walk in wardrobe. I put the "bunk" in brackets because the bottom half of the bunk is actually just a low platform bed sitting on the ...
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Table propane fire pit not igniting

enter image description here I have a propane fire pit table that has been working very well for several years. I was planning on staining my deck so I had to take my table apart and bring it inside. ...
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Best way to repair ripped parasol fabric?

I have a parasol whose fabric has ripped in a couple of places at the point where the metal spokes push against the canopy to make it spread out; here's the side (and closeup) where the fabric is ...
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Area around thw screw of our new toddler bed broke off, shows black blotches inside! Is this harmful or just iron staining? Please help

We just recently got a toddler bed and while assembling, a chunk of wood fell off and showed black discoloration inside near the screw area. Is this normal or is this harmful? I am worried since my ...
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Fixing a loose screw in metal/aluminium sofa [closed]

I have bought an outdoor sofa on that is made of aluminium tubulars. The problem is that the quality of the product is bad, enough bad that after a couple of people gently pushed their ...
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Broke couch decor. How can I reattach the pieces?

I have a couch that has wooden decor pieces that are stapled/glued to the couch itself. My hip caught a piece of it as I walked by and split part of it in half. How can I reattach the piece and ...
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Fix shiny spot after fixing scratch with rubbing nut oil

My dining room table was scratched and my research said to try to fix this by rubbing a fresh nut into the scratch. Most guides said walnuts, but I had pecans and saw that people said to try that as ...
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I have a "Writing Desk with Glass Cabinet" for which I cannot unlock the closing fold-out desk

Best I remember I locked it with the key that works to lock/unlock the glass cabinet (don't remember having another key). The key will turn all the way to the right but only partially to the left. I ...
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Is it possible to weatherproof an indoor couch? [closed]

Can an indoor couch, upholstered with fabric, be used on a screened-in porch in the Philadelphia climate (with some proper treatment).
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How can I repair this table?

I recently inherited a table. It is rather heavy with a solid maple top. Two of its legs have failed at their attachment points (one was fastened with a hanger bolt and the other with a machine bolt &...
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Painted desk is still tacky after two months

I am admittedly new to DIY and especially painting furniture, this being my first project. I put together a custom desk two months ago using a laminate IKEA countertop. I followed the instructions ...
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What are these plastic rods and crimps under my couch cushion and can they be replaced?

One side of our couch sinks in way too much. I really don't want to fork a money for a new couch right now, so thought I'd see if I could fix it. I flipped it over and underneath I found that 3 ...
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Is it possible to repair this hanging mechanism

We bought some used furniture to put up on the wall. Yesterday we tried to put it up but it became apparent that we couldn’t tighten the screw on one of the hangers to bring the cupboard close to the ...
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How to make 1x2 lumber longer?

I want to DIY a 99x72 inches rectangle wood frame by 1x2 lumber. The frame is used to keep a pet's playpen in shape, so the dimension is kind of customized. I found 1x2 lumber in 6 feet and 8 feet ...
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Interlock mechanism in lateral file cabinet sticks for one drawer (of 4)

My metal, lateral file cabinet's interlock mechanism (lock bar) sticks for one of the four drawers. The slider on the side of the drawers have an angle at the end that pushes the bar up when first ...
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Disassembling IKEA furniture—how can I deal with broken dowels?

IKEA furniture often has wooden dowels that are used to hold pieces together. The problem is that these wooden dowels break easily when you're trying to disassemble IKEA furniture: In the first ...
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How can I hang things on a freestanding stud wall without it tipping over?

I live in rented accommodation and can't hang anything on the walls. My guitar collection (around 10) is taking up too much floor space, so I'd like to get them off the floor. I've been thinking about ...
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Fixing parasol bracket on metal garden table

I'm new to DIY SE, and relatively new to DIY too. I have a garden metal table, with a central hole and circular bracket for holding a parasol (umbrella). In a wind gust, the umbrella got pushed and ...
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painting furniture with a lap joint (or notch)

I am building a loft bed, the post (4x4) will have a notch/lap joint at one end which will have a beam sitting in it. Wood will be pine or white wood. The furniture will be painted white (semi-gloss)...
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How can I reinforce the bed frame to support freestanding bedposts?

Problem We inherited (parts of) a brass bedframe from my spouse's grandparents. We bought a new mattress which came with a modern bedframe of metal rails. The brass headboard has two 6.5' bedposts ...
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What product would you recommend for coating/rubberizing metal furniture to be placed on a plastic deck? [closed]

I have a new plastic/composite deck (Azek) and have a metal bench that was on the previous deck. I don't want to scratch up my nice new deck and have watched a few youtube videos on rubberizing or ...
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How to repair small tears in leather couch

I have a leather couch that is only 3+ years old and has now started to develop small tears around the seams in one of the cushions. Here is an image of the tears: I think it would be best to try and ...
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Brown spots on wooden furniture

I've started to notice these brown stains that are occurring on my wooden furniture, and it happens in obscure places, I doubt this is dirt. Any ideas?
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Identify this metal slider bracket?

I am doing a DIY project at home and came across this sliding metal bracket and plastic plate assembly. I have no idea where it came from but I think probably IKEA, although it could be anywhere. But ...
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Do I need to anchor this cabinet?

I have a massive wooden cabinet. Behind it is a masonry wall. Do I need to anchor the cabinet to the wall? There are walls to the left and right of it, so it cannot be pushed except from the front. If ...
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Caster wheel inserts and tube failiure on bar cart

recently received a new bar cart as a gift, and assembled and loaded it up. Unfortunately as I was pushing it along my carpet the tubes the inserts were in bent and the inserts fell out. How should I ...
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Are the straps in my patio chairs supposed to be loose? [closed]

I bought a patio set and underneath the cushions are straps but they all look loose, are they supposed to be like that?
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can isopropyl alcohol dissolve powder coat?

I have new outdoor furniture that is metal frame & wooden body. The metal frame is painted black, using powder coat I think. I was applying wood protector on the wood parts, and it stained the ...
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Should I remove wardrobe wheels or is there a way to repair this?

I bought a long wardrobe with wheels however it seems 2 out of 4 wheels have snapped off. The pics below show the wheels underneath the wardrobe. In first pic you can see the black plastic is ...
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What is this gray material/film on the edge of my desk?

There is this gray material that only appears along the edges of my desk but on both exterior and interior edges. I inspected the desk closely after I first assembled it and did not find this material....
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Advice on fixing torn metal base connecting to stem of office chair without professional welding

I need advice on fixing torn metal base connecting to stem of office chair without professional welding. The cost of welding is more than the chair. Would J-B weld or other options fix the 'tear' in ...
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Furniture plinth on carpet - making it level

I am planning some wardobes and would like to create a plinth for the carcasses to sit on. This plinth would sit upon a relatively freshly carpeted area and my concern is that this may hinder my ...
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two-part fastener for right-angle wood connections

I have some furniture which is missing a screw/nut pair used for fastening two pieces of wood together at a right angle. The screw is 45mm long and 5mm wide, and it's paired with some kind of nut with ...
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Is Moisture Resistant plywood good enough for Furnitures

I'm planning to do furnitures for home. I'm confused whether to use MR (Moisture Resistant) plywood( IS 303 standard) or BWP(Boiling Water Proof) plywood ( IS 710 standard) for furnitures. I'm happy ...
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Removing perfume smell from the inside of a hutch - glass, cherry, and some softer wood in the drawers

I purchased a used hutch with glass doors, cherry wood (I believe, and according to the person I bought it from), and some kind of softer wood for the inside of the drawers. Only after I bought it did ...
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Bistro chair cushion fix/replace?

I have a pair of bistro chairs that are metal with a wire frame and have round seats. The cushions are wood (I believe) topped with foam. The seat frame is completely empty, with just a thin rim ...
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Holes in wood furniture: identifying the cause

About one year ago, we settled in a new house in south west France. We also bought a new wood table (made of reused wood from older furnitures). I heard a bit of noise in the room last night while ...
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