I have a 120V to 12V 75W max transformer powering an Ikea Halogen light fixture. It seems to have burnt out.

All I can find in stores are 120V to 12V 60W max halogen transformers. The 75W max model I have found online shows a picture of 60W max model.

Is it safe to use these 60W max models to replace the 75W max model, or do I absolutely need a 75W max model?



Depends. What load is on the downstream side?

If there's only one 50W bulb, you should be fine. Two 35Ws? Need a bigger one.

  • Thanks! Exactly the information I needed. Mine is a "spider" model with seven 10W, so I'll have to go with a 75w transformer.
    – alberto56
    Apr 10 '16 at 13:58
  • You may also be able to re-wire the fitting so that 3x10W bulbs are on one transformer, and the other four on another. If you've got room and adequate cooling. Apr 10 '16 at 14:40

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