There is this kind of tube that prevent me to use any kind of wrench to unscrew the nut in it. But without unscrewing it, I cannot get the faucet out of its place at all. enter image description here Is there a simple trick, or tool, that would allow me to go up there unscrew it. That tube is ~ 5 to 6 inch long.



enter image description here

You need an extremely deep socket. Most faucet manufacturers make them, and they're often included with a new faucet. That metal collar makes it look like a standard basin wrench won't work, but it's worth a shot if you have one.

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  • That's it! We went to the local hardware store, bought a new Moen faucet (that was the brand of the old one), got the tool and removed everything with it! Now, to return the Moen faucet we got only for the tool... ;-) – Jean-Philippe Murray Aug 6 '19 at 21:02

I have a universal faucet wrench but it may be too thick because of the shroud, my next set of tools is actually a set of sockets that looks like a chain saw wrench maybe 6 sizes they are hollow and each one is 2 sizes. These may be long enough to be able to get a wrench on , I will try to find a proper description and edit the answer. I found part number 34a498 socket set on granger & amazon that is similar , this is not heavy duty but has gotten some nuts out in tight spaces like you have.

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