faucets I'm trying to repair a leak in both faucets in this sink.

I think the first step is to remove the faucet but can't figure out how to do this.

I can't see a set screw. I tried gently prying with a screwdriver. I tried unscrewing the skirt by hand. I tried unscrewing the handle parts. These appear to be caulked on. There is no brand name visible.

I don't want to use too much force if doing it the wrong way.

Do I have to remove by undoing the nut on the supply line? There isn't a lot of room to access these nuts so not sure what tool to use, which is why I haven't attempted this. The whole thing looks fairly old since the supply line is a solid metal tube, not flexible.

Any ideas on how to remove these faucets?


The logo on the sink below the overflow says KOHLER. They are very helpful if you just give them a call 1 (800) 456-4537. I would say a simple email to one of their specialists will have you going in no time.

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