We had a leak in a bathroom. Some of the water got under the house. Soaked up roughly 5 gallons of water from on top of the plastic sheeting as well as under it. Now we have wet dirt, moist plastic sheeting and a little bit of moist insulation (not much of that).

Will it dry on its own or should I get a dehumidifier? How long would I have to run the dehumidifier for?

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    The dehumidifier will tell you when it's done. I mean it will cycle less often and fill the tank slower. It won't really hurt the plastic sheeting to get wet for a week or two. Get the water out of there before it molds, though. May 12, 2017 at 2:17

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For the crawl space I would not get a humidifier for this it will dry on its own. I would put a fan in the area to circulate the air and decrease the drying time if you have a fan but I would not purchase anything special to dry out the crawl space it will dry on its own.

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