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Questions related to installing or using energized (electric) fences to keep animals from crossing them. Use with the [electrical] tag and/or [fence] tag

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repairing break in Invisible Fence (TM)

I'm trying to repair a break (probably 2 of them) in an Inivisible Fence (that actual brand). Everywhere I look, it says to put a 100uH inductor in parallel with the fence leads at the transmitter. ...
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What gauge of wire do I need to connect my electric fence to the .7 joules controller that is 25ft away?

Inside my shop I have my fifteen miles electric fence controller plugged in. From the controller I was using a three strand 12 awg wire that ran along my metal building about 25ft to the electric ...
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Can you splice wires in the middle of a wireless dog fence?

I am trying to build a 'barrier' wireless dog fence. I could simply run the wire around my whole yard and be done, but much of it is already fenced in and I do not want to restrict access to that ...
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Possible to have wire mesh fencing plus a couple live wires for wild animals?

We bought a small former horse farm a few years a ago. We reinforced the old horse pasture with wire mesh fencing to keep our dogs in. Now we want to fence in a wooded part of our property for the ...
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Why is my electric fence killing birds?

I have an electric fence/wire around the top of my split-rail fence surrounding about 1 acre of land. I keep finding dead birds right next to/under the fence wire. Not just one or two, but actually ...
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