I have a utility sink that is sitting on 4 legs, the front two bolted to my cement floor and I want to remove it.

I'm not sure what kind of bolts these are. From looking at different kinds of bolts online they might be carriage or timber bolts.

one of the bolts holding of one of the legs down

How do I remove these? Is it as simple as having a pry bar and working it under to pull the bolt up out of the floor? That's what I briefly attempted to do, but I'm overly paranoid of doing damage and complicating things.


Those look like concrete nails to me. Might have been hand-hammered in, but if it's somewhat recent, it was probably driven in with a powder-actuated system.

You don't usually try to pull these out. My advice is to cut/grind away the head. You can do this with a Dremel tool and an abrasive disk; it will take a while, but it's simple to do and easy to control.

Or, you can use an angle grinder. That will take away the head much more quickly, but it's a little harder to control. Make sure to use the screw-in handled if you do this.

Once the head it gone, remove the sink, and then either cut off the protruding fastener or just grind it away.

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