I want to tile this backsplash but the surface here is incredibly crumbly, and the more I pick at it the more falls off. I'm afraid of taking it off altogether as the kitchen/cabinet rails are built into it. Will PVA'ing it make it tileable? Or alternatively maybe glueing some plasterboard slab up onto which I can put the tiles?

enter image description here

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  1. Remove the backing. It's crumbling, and no support to anything. Cut it off at the edge of the cabinets, at least as far as the surface to be tiled.
  2. That appears to be a high-moisture location. Gypsum plasterboard will not hold up well to that. You might use a cement board as backer, which is far more durable.
  • Are these 2 steps or are they options? Commented Mar 13 at 9:42
  • Do you just want to hide that crumbling mass?? Commented Mar 13 at 13:38

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