There is a gap between the rough edge and the garage door jamb. From some research, it seems like it's common practice to caulk/spray-foam this area to prevent drafts/etc. However, before doing so, I was wondering if there is any reason to not do this? It just seems bizarre to me why such a thing was done and wanted to make sure it wasn't an oversight from the builders.

Some possibly relevant details:

  • Our house is in the Pacific Northwest (snows maybe once a year, otherwise usually high 30s at worst in the winter, very rainy).
  • The garage is concrete and the garage doesn't feel insulated at all (so maybe builders decided not to fill out the gap because the garage isn't insulated anyways?).
  • The garage contains the hot water tank as well and all the tank overflow is supposed to drain out of the garage (wondering if that might be a possible reason for the gap as well).


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Probably because it would look like hell and make a mess. Normally you never see where people use spray foam.

Perhaps a roll of foam insulation would be better.

enter image description here

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