I'm translating a Russian text about a high-tech kitchen, and one sentence goes like this:

The cabinets are equipped with servo drives and will open at a light touch.

The original text says literally "equipped with electrical motors", but I came across the term "servo-drive". Is this term generic, or is there a more widely used generic term for this?

I would avoid a licensed term in favor of a more generic, common one.


To my mind, servos are typically used in control-gear, not the sort of thing I'd associate with cabinets.

Personally, I'd use something like:

The cabinets are electrically driven ...


The cabinets have motor drive ...

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There is a "Servo Drive" brand of cabinet door and drawer opening system which may be what they are referring to:

Servo-Drive web site

I suppose that there may be other vendors with similar products, but in some places the actual name, "SERVO-DRIVE" may be a registered trademark by this company.

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