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Ceiling fan makes noise on high speed after using lamp string

I have a 3-speed ceiling fan installed on a sloped ceiling. The unit has an extension from mount to fan which is about 2 feet. It was installed 2 years ago. When the fan is set to lowest and middle ...
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Free Standing Lean-to Patio cover stability question

I am planning on building a free standing 12'x20' lean-to patio cover over my ground level back deck. I was planning on doing six 12"x16" piers (located near Atlanta, GA) for the six 6x6 ...
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Toilet rocks regardless how tight floor bolts are turned

I replaced the wax ring at the bottom of the toilet because it seemed like there was a slow leak. Since then, the toilet feels slightly unsteady when sat on. This is the second toilet I've replace a ...
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Drilling second hole very close to existing one in perforated brick, for hanging a heavy weight

We want to mount a water heater on a wall. The stability requirements are high - the heater will have over 100 kg total weight when full, and we're in a seismically active zone. Unfortunately, when my ...
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