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8 votes
6 answers

How can I temporarily remedy root clogs in an inaccessible pipe?

Two different plumbers have stated that we have, about 3 feet under the house, a sewer pipe that has tree roots invading, and that this is the reason for our frequent clogs. The fix for this is not ...
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How can I mitigate roots in ABS sewer pipe?

I just purchased a home and during the inspection process I decided to go above and beyond and order a sewer scope inspection. I was told that it was unlikely we'd find anything since it was ABS and ...
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Making strong fence posts in difficult terrain

I am trying to set fence posts, along some stairs (the stonewall in the picture). The bedrock is about 50cm under. The fence will be 2.5m high, therefor it needs a strong base. I don't think the shown ...
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Tree root removal under a slab of concrete

How do I remove tree roots (tree has been cut down)from under concrete and pavers on top of the concrete in my back yard? The pavers have lifted up and is extremely hazardous to my Mom and others. ...
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2 answers

roots growing in a grey water drain that's not too accessible with rods

I have a grey water drain (70mm diameter) that has roots growing in it. I can rod the first foot, and that's it. Looking for some chemical that will work to clear them, as physical removal is nigh on ...
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How can I remove these tree roots grown under the concrete slab?

Is there any way that I can remove these roots and let the driveway concrete slab (raised by the roots) settle to its original position?
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