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3 answers

Is it a problem to have a washing machine plugged into a GFCI outlet?

I have heard conflicting information about the proper receptacle type for clothes washing machines. Appliance repairmen have told me not to plug in to GFCIs, while electric code mandates that ...
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1 answer

GFCI and switch in one box, separate functions

I have a GFCI in a box and a light switch that controls an exhaust fan, and the switch works but the GFCI doesn't, and that GFCI is linked to other plugs that no longer work. Can some one tell me how ...
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2 answers

Can I put a junction box between the panel and a GFI?

I want to put a junction box between the panel and a GFI on a 15 Amp designated circuit. Any issues with this?
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Why does the broiler of my Frigidaire induction range trip my GFI breaker, on ground fault, after 6-8 minutes?

With my Frigidaire induction range, new in 2021, the broiler tripped the Siemens 40A, 2-pole, 240V GFI breaker after the broiler operated for 6-8 minutes. No other mode of operation – with burners and/...
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