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How do I make this let less water in

Our high cistern toilet flushes too violently and comes out of the toilet. I’ve seen a few posts suggesting I need to set the flush up to stop as much water coming in. However it’s too high for me to ...
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adjust water level in toilet flush

I have inherited a toilet (pictured). In the tank, the level -- to which the water currently fills -- is indicated by the red arrow. There's an old water-level stain at a much higher level (green ...
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Could hot water from attic water lines cause deterioration of toilet flush valves?

Both of my toilets started losing water in the tank within about a week of each other. They aren't leaking out of the toilet, so I assume it is the flush valve. I replaced the flapper on one, but it ...
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How do I change this flush to a dual flush?

I have a single flush toilet that I would like to swap to a dual flush to try save money on water. This is my current single flush and I’ve seen dual flush kits. Is this a straight forward diy job or ...
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Does my double flush valve need replacement

I have a problem with my double flush valve in the toilet tank. Installed it looks like this: Now the problem is, when pushing either of the two buttons, or both together, the water in the tank doesn'...
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