I need to replace the tilt latch on this window but can't find any indication of the name of the company that manufactured the window. I tried a local window shop and they did not recognize it, plus they also told me the width between the two mounting screw holes is critical to finding a generic replacement part. I'd like to start with the manufacturer if possible. The only indication I can find is a "world" marker on the frame. Does anyone recognize this manufacturer? enter image description here

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This is without a doubt manufactured by International Window, that is their trademarked logo. I sold their windows for many years and they are quite common in S. California. Aftermarket replacement latches should be fairly easy to find:

enter image description here

prime line window parts


You could send a picture to Blane Window Hardware (http://www.blainewindow.com/index.php). They can help identify it and they have many different parts for windows. They can probably match it to an aftermarket part.

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