I noticed that two panels of my laminate floor board have not joined well: there is a small gap between them. Now, it seems that constant wear is damaging the edges of the board.

enter image description here

Is there any way to repair this? Basically I would like to seal the gap to stop the chipboard edges from getting more damaged.

Potentially I was thinking of using some kind of glue/sealer/enamel that I could fill into the gap. (I thought to use a Stanley blade to cut a constant V into the edge, then fill.)

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It wouldn't be a true seal, but if it's not in a high-traffic area, you might be able to trim any flaking bits and then de-emphasize the gap left with wax putty.

I wouldn't attempt to cut the board out; trying to get a new board back in is likely be more difficult to get looking correct, as you potentially have 4 edges to contend with; you can sometimes deal with it if it's true tongue-and-groove, but the click-lock's much more difficult to get down correctly.


You can use a very thin blade like that on a multi-tool to cut out the damaged piece, then drop in a replacement piece to fit, gluing it down solidly underneath.

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