How much weight can 20 ft. 1/2" pex-b tubing support when using it as framing for hoop shed considering I intend to cover it with 2 layers of light- medium duty tarps and I want it to stand up to rain/wind and light snow in the the winter. The hoopshed with measure 20' long x 4.5' wide. I'll have 10 20' pieces of tubing along the length of the hoopshed very 2 feet with 3 perpendicular pieces connecting the hoops.

  • Pex is going to be hopeless. 1" EMT (lightweight steel conduit), maybe. Specialized fiberglass rods, sure. 16 foot hog-fence panels, yup, but they are 4 feet shorter than you want. There are also engineered plans for wood plastic-film covered greenhouses (which is essentially what a "tarped shed" is) available for free from cooperative extension sites at universities. – Ecnerwal May 28 '19 at 20:12
  • A geodetic construction may work... – Solar Mike May 28 '19 at 20:37

Virtually none. It isn't just about the strength, but the stiffness. It'll flop around like a fresh fish. Take it from someone who has done something similar with 3/4" PVC conduit and found even that lacking when a foot of snow landed on it.

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