I noticed my attic has a few recess lights just sitting in attic insulation and I was planning on adding a new receptacle via my attic ceiling. Do you recommend adding some sealant around the electric fixture or is it required by code in any US states? If it is recommended/required, could I use a Duct Seal Compound (putty) such as this one: RectorSeal Duct Seal Compound

I'm thinking such sealant would go where the wires enter the electric fixture. A putty like this could at least be removed where some foam products I've seen look more permanent.

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    Not required, but there is a lot more of this going on these days with a focus on efficient building practices. Sealing outlet covers and light fixture boxes is important when you're trying to be ultra-efficient, but you might not see much gain from it in older construction. – JPhi1618 Mar 6 '19 at 21:01
  • I was more concerned about a fire hazard than efficiencies. It didn't seem like much of a hazard to me, but just wanted to check. – Off The Gold Mar 8 '19 at 14:23

No sealant is required but the cutout for the box needs to be tight (not a large oversized hole) the cover plate makes the seal. The lights usually have a trim ring that seals any small gaps between the fixture.

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