This issue I am having is little different than " How do I fix "water hammer" problem asked a few years ago.

1 The problem I am having started a month ago after living in this house for 10 years with no problem.

2 All faucets during shut off create a thud sound.

3 The sound comes from a single location somewhere upstairs either in the wall or attic

4 If I turn off the faucets slowly, I do not get it.

5 Both hot and cold faucets create the sound

6 My incoming city water pressure is 75 psi

7 I tried to shut off all water, drain pipes and restart but it did not work

8 No noise for Toilets or Washing Machines or showers surprisingly. Only all faucets.

9 Putting hammer arresters on every faucet is impractical, right?

Need help. Thanks

  • Mini-Rester Water Hammer Arrestor
    – ron
    Sep 18 '19 at 17:10

The solution may be hammer arresters, and it's not that difficult. Or just go back to 'traditional' taps (2-commands 'screw like'). I suggest you to reduce water pressure to about 3bar (about 45 PSI) to preserve piping and reduce hammer effect.

If you have a 'single water entry' to each bathroom, you can install an hammer arrester there, so it protects all the faucets after.

  • I agree with @DDS that water pressure for residential is very high it is normally in the 45PSI range. Arrestors or not your pipes are going to take a beating, add a regulator to the incoming water supply. Jan 16 '20 at 14:18

I do not like installing hammer arrestors they have a tendency to leak even when installed correctly and they only last for a year. Trying lowering your water pressure to <50 psi and make sure that the valves connecting to the faucet are fully open; if you look underneath the sink you will see the valves.

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