The plastic drain in a utility/laundry sink did not survive the attempt to remove or repair it. The hole in the sink bottom is 2" in diameter. There is a 3" diameter inset at the hole that limits the size of the drain's top flange. I have searched the web extensively and not found anything of appropriate size. The closest I can get in appearance is an Oatey 42099; it unfortunately has a strainer that's over 3".

I hope I don't have to replace the sink!

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  • What about a shower drain? – Jack Oct 29 '17 at 1:36

You need a "Laundry Tub Strainer". They are available at any good plumbing shop (notice I did not say "Big Box Home Improvement store") or online at what I think is the largest online retailer on earth (starts with A, ends with N, Z in the middle).

This one fits a 2" hole, the upper flange diameter is 2 3/4":

enter image description here

Specs are here: laundry tub strainer assembly

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